Wishlist threads without having to write up detailed wishes?

it might be nice to have simple wishlist threads people can add ideas and suggestions to for specific machines.

having “tracker wishlist”, “play plus wishlist” threads, just so if you have an idea or suggestion on a whim you can add it to the thread without having to write up a detailed request.

sometimes you have a few ideas but don’t necessarily have a concrete idea to write up. people could respond and ideas could grow.

then the team could have a browse whenever they want and see what users are talking about.

just a thought :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit torn on it. Having dedicated wishlist threads makes one really think about what it is one wants, and it can also give people ideas for something they’d want, maybe based on a specific wish. But, on the other hand, a “mega thread” with wishes could be seen as a brainstorming thread.

I’m not a developer, but I do think it’s probably much easier to gauge interest by having dedicated threads rather than one big one you’d have to scroll through - maybe mixed with various discussions based on one specific idea.

So my suggestion would be: a wishlist brainstorm thread.

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yea like wishlist threads for each instrument, so they’re specific to that instrument, but just for brainstorming.

and of course keeping the proper detsiled wishlist requests too as is.

Just start the thread! :grin: :+1:

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you make a good point :joy:

This is an interesting idea and it would probably fill a gap for some Backstage users, thank you.


If you or anyone wants to start these brainstorming threads, I suggest setting very clear expectations about Polyend not having to read them at all. Polyend curates the Wishlist, which is a lot already. If an idea cooked up in a brainstorming thread is good, it should be turned into a Wishlist draft.


that makes sense. thanks Icaria :slight_smile:

Yeah I think having a brainstorming thread is great as long as it is clear to everyone that it is like a “prewish” incubator. I think really getting to the heart of what you want a feature request to be and communicating it clearly is vital.
For example:
I was talking to a developer this weekend who’s users kept asking for an “octatrack mode” and he was like “no way we can make an octatrak mode, that is a massive undertaking”. Until he figured out that all they wanted was basically for a crossfader to change value 2 with the fader still on value 1 and he was like “oh yeah I can do that easily”


haha yea “octatrack mode” is a bit vague :joy:

I totally hear you. a cheeky incubator thread or 2 might be nice to bounce ideas. but yea very specific detailed requests are what you guys want at the end of the day. duly noted :saluting_face:

I do think more talk about it would be great because it might help you get to specific detailed requests