Will P.Tracker be compatible with old trackers?(renoise,jeskola buzz,etc.)?

HI, i have tons of old songs made by old trackers and I would like to resume them. :robot:

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As it stands, the Tracker is currently able to open/import .mod (Protracker) and .it (Impulse Tracker) files. It’s a bit hit or miss on how well it can import those formats. And you could always use the import/export functionality of the various trackers to possibly get to a .mod or .it file.

See here for more details: Is the Tracker able to import and export classic mod files? - Wiki - Polyend Backstage

I personally have only dealt with .mod files so far. It definitely helped to get samples and sequences into a new project. Don’t except 100% conversion though. As (of course) not all effects are equal or available on the Polyend Tracker or your Software Tracker of choice.