Which software for creating own sample packs

Hello there, I am new to the world of samples. I would like to know if there is a software for windows, which helps me to organize, rename samples an export those in a folder and subfolders ( Kick, snare, synth, bass,…) to make them work with the fill function.

There’s quite a few sample management tools out there.
When it comes to sample management it’s best to try them out to see how you feel about them.
Here’s a selection of the ones i feel are worth having a look at (in no particular order):

If there are other solutions, i’m always happy to hear of a new program that i may have missed. :blush:


Thanks a lot for your recommendations. I habe tried Cosmos and ADSR. They are great to find and explore my samplecollection. But both allow drag an drop just inside a DAW instead in a folder. Or is there a way inside a DAW ?

Yeah there is a reason i didn’t add Cosmos. ADSR should work standalone though and exporting things should work via drag and drop as far as i know.

I think for your usecase, look at Sononym, SampleSort and Explorer. Those seem to be your best options.

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Could you be more specific on what DAW you use or have tried before? I don’t think you would buy a full DAW for this purpose only…

When using Live (12) I could think of a workflow using the build in functionality. And of course some of the for mentioned plugins could simplify or enrich things.

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Just adding thumbs up for Sononym. :+1:

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Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. I will try next Sononym.
I have installed Live lite, but honestly I want to minimize my time on the computer.

Aisjam made a video on Youtube showing how he does it using Reaper.

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I habe seen it but because of my poor english and empty purse I skipped working with Reaper.
Sononym is also to much money for me and I am testing Samplesort. For my usecase it seams enough.

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