Where to find free/affordable hq samples

As a beginner, a good sample library helps a lot to get started making music. It can be hard to find good sample libs online that aren’t scam websites/virus infested or a monthly subscription service and still sound decent. Here are some websites that do have HQ samples for free/cheap:

Though they aren’t part of the tracker itself, VST-plugins can also serve as a great external, midi controlled instrument. Here are some of the best free ones:

  • LABS - Free sampler with a large amount of free HQ samples, such as strings, etc.
  • Decent Sampler - Sampler with large amount of sample libraries for free or cheap
  • piano book - sampler with community generated sample libraries
  • Vital - free synth supporting wave tables, with an option to create and edit them
  • waveedit software - wavetable synth
  • atlantis vst - free synth with free sample waveforms

Feel free to add other Sample Libraries, so the list keeps expanding.


Nice idea, awesome list! :grinning:

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i’ve made your original post editable by everyone, so any additions can be made in the original post.


@Sandroid thanks :pray:

Sorry for the answer but what I do is put “free sample pack” + what I want and almost always get the samples.

I know that Samples from Mars aren’t free but if you wait until black Friday you will have one of the best (if not the best) collections of samples for a very good price.

And finally, check freesound.org, is an awesome web with thousands of samples.


+1 for Samples from Mars. Their collection is well worth the money and as @ameliagagarin said, they have fantastic promotions off and on during the year.

Oh and they keep updating/adding new stuff all the time. Once a year you get the opportunity to upgrade to the new stuff for a very cheap price if you bought with them before.


just saw that samplesfrommars also have some free sample packs, so I added them to the list. Thanks for the recommendation!

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We also share a ton of samples on the unofficial Polyend Tracker Discord. If you haven’t joined yet, hop on in. :hugs:


First, just making sure you have checked #scene, where there are sample packs for Polyend instruments. I haven’t checked which ones are free or paid, but in any case the price is low and the authors are Polyend community members for the most part.

Then, what about free sampled instruments? You can trigger them via MIDI, or I guess you can open the files and fish out interesting wav files:

(If you think these are fully on-topic, we can add them to the top post as well. I wasn’t sure.)


@icaria36 wasn’t the original intention of the list, but it’s a great idea!

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I added the Reverb drum samples collection to the list. It’s pretty large, some folders are confusing as it’s contains a Ableton related files. But many, many great samples!


also there is the waveedit software for linux win and mac

and sample radar


If you are considering using waveedit, do yourself a favor and install Vital. It’s also free but editing/creating a wavetable is sooo much smoother.


Vital also has my vote for creating wavetables.

Am I allowed to add my Gunroad page on the list? Many free samples pack and other stuff. Let me know :slight_smile:

goldbaby has lot of quality free packs :slight_smile:

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yes, absolutely :+1:

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thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve added this one to the main list :slight_smile:

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