When am I done with a track/song?

“How does one compose a piece of electronic music?” is of course too big of a question for here, but tangentially I’d love to know when the piece you’re working on “feels done”?

To put it another way, when do you just stop tweaking parameters?

(There’s no right answer to this post).

I’ve been a musician most of my life but only got into the music production stuff as a hobby this summer, and now I’ll have some good after hour jam sessions and wonder “do I save this? Do I come back to this? Is this a done thing?”

I think the play offers such interesting paths to music building, I often don’t know where I am in the journey. Do I decide I’m done wondering when it just “feels right?

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That’s the thing, music is never really done just abandoned. I get to where I am happy after hundreds of hours. Then I wait a month and go back to it because I can always make it better. I could keep doing that forever if I wanted to be really selfish and never release music.

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