What's your absolute favorite aspect/feature of the Play+?

You might have already said your peace about what you dislike most about the Play+ in another thread, but what keeps you coming back to it? If you had to pick just one thing about the Play+ that you like the most, what would it be? That reverb? The performer? The multicolored pad interface?

If I had to pick one thing, it’d probably have to be the repeats. As far as I know, you can’t make such complex and intricate rhythms nearly as fast on any other device, DAWs included.

What’s yours? Is there something the Play does that nothing else compares to, or is there something the Play+ just does better than anything else on the block?


The performance mode for sure!
It’s so much fun to play with while a sequence of patterns is playing.
And it’s pretty af!


yea performance mode on play is epic. so expressive. like when you’ve made a bangin pattern that already sounds good, stick it in performance mode n it goes to another level. love it.

I also love the master distortion models. very musical n kronchy. reverb is lush.

the ui in general is a joy to use. parameter locking for days.

and last but not least the generative stuff. Great for kick starting ideas.

ok that’s 5 things.


It has an on/off button.


Clearly the most useful of the buttons :joy:

Another vote for performance mode.


my favorite feature is the possibility to set different samples on each step with every parameter changeable for this sample on this step and then to select a track or a part of a track and change parameters for all selected steps in a relative way and not directly . thats so op to me :slight_smile: really !


but to this i have a question .when changing parameters of some selected steps or a track or multiple tracks the values of them change relative from the value they had , but just to some point in both directions . if you go farther than that point, the values of all selected steps have then the same value and if you change in the other direction back these values stay the same .
example :
4 selected steps cutoff change
s1 has 20%
s2. has 50%
s3 70%
s4 95%
so when i change then +5% s4 has 100% and so all then have 100% and when i change back to 50 all have 50% but i want to let it relative as the values started with . sorry for my bad english i can try to explain better if you like

and with selected steps but changing the samples its more strange a bit cuz if the samples are in different folders and in folder 1 there are 15 samples and in folder 2 there are just 3 for example and you reach the end of the folder with change the samples of the steps all of them become the same sample . i dont know what sample then is chosen but i think its that one of the folder where no other samples to chose from reaches it first or last sample . its hard to describe what i mean but if you get what i mean can you tell me if this is right and if not ,what is the formula that is used in these things ?

I’m pretty new to my Play+ but for me currently it’s the overall versatility, power it from the smartphone but most important, the sample slice option, though it’s not very intuitive but I’ll get used to it.

Maybe some waveform representation in the display or using the leds.
Maybe add some Tracker functionality to the play, at least for internal sample editing and some sample timestretch feature would be cool af as well.

Performance mode is epic (and shout-out to the beat repeats as another user said), but for me-- the endless chance and randomization possibilities are the aspect that will never, ever get old.

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