What would be a good Mini Synth to Pair with Play?

I was looking at something cheaper and portable like maybe a Volca FM or Model Cycles. Maybe even an MC 101 or SEQTRAK.
Does anyone have any experience with these or have any other suggestions?
Id like to keep it all small and portable. [I already have a keystep for keyboard] and mainly triphop/ambient/dnb/lofi are my genres


Not trying to sound biased, but based on the devices you mention. Wouldn’t an upgrade to a Play+ be something to consider? It gives you extra synths (which includes FM) and would cover a lot more ground within the same box.

If you are looking for something small, you should also have a look at the 1010Music Nanoboxes.

Ya ive definitely though of the convenience of that. Are those synths comparable to what i could get from something like an mc101.
Ill check out those nanoboxes too.

I personally think the synths sound amazing and add a lot of versatility.
You currently have access to 4 types of synth engines and you can create your own patches.
According to Polyend more engines will be added in the future.

You can actually listen to some sound examples on the Play+ Product page, what you hear there, is exactly what you can get.

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play+ synths sound beautiful imo.
I’ll put my +1 to that.

having em integrated is so good, especially since there isn’t an audio input on the play, so if you get another synth youd have to put both the synth and the play into a mixer or audio interface to use em both.

play+ solves this for me. I like uncomplicated simple setups tho. ymmv

As a side question. I have the All the Samples from mars pack. Would those play nice enough with the normal Play as far as sound goes, till i were to get the play+ upgrade?

Absolutely. I’ve got all their packs and love them (used them on the Play before upgrading to the Play+ as well).


I have them also but i dont use them because i am a little bit tooo lazy to organize the Samples for the play. They Sound great i think but its mostly classics.