What Songs inspire you to make music?

I always have music playing in the background and every once in awhile I hear a song that makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing and go make music. There are lots of songs I love that don’t give me this feeling but I would say maybe 1 in every 100 songs I hear really inspires me in this way.

What tracks do this for you?

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I’ll start. One of my favorites that does this is Jon Hopkins “Luminous Beings”. The way he uses reverb, the subtle automation creating evolving sounds, the bleepy bassline, the stereo spread on the drums, all the little details on this track make me want to spend a week alone in a cabin and just work on all the details of one track.

(I prefer the 11 min version of the song)

There is a great song exploder that goes into the details of production on it too:
Song Exploder | Jon Hopkins


I found this EP a couple years after it came out and it’s influence on and over me has always been profound. These songs never get old and always manage to lift my mood no matter what.


I love these intrincated melodies from out Hud. In general, all the cd is a masterpiece of electronic music that inspired me a lot.


I come from a metal/heavy rock background, but always had a soft spot for electronic music even in my late teens.
I tend to gravitate towards electronic music with I suppose you would say a cinematic type of sound, lots of ambience and wouldn’t sound out of place in a movie.

Been listening to alot of an artist with an apt name called ‘Filmmaker’ - really cool darkwave, industrial, electro type sound.

Recently discovered an artist through my Spotify library with sounds I really like called ‘Zamilska’, they have an awesome atmospheric techno sound.


Nice sounds, thx for sharing!

For me, it is Lynyn’s Lexicon album that still blows my mind! Each tracks are so creative, but maybe this one a little more:

Full album here: lexicon | lynyn



Oooh µ-Ziq, great suggestion!

This is honestly something I probably would never play if you hadn’t suggested it but it is soooo good! Thanks for mentioning it.

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The Postal Service always makes want to create something. Sometimes Neil Young. Maybe Radiohead. Lately it’s been YouTube, like watching stuff on Polyend’s channel, Jon Makes Beats, Ricky Tinez, Marlowe Digs, etc., etc. Everything really.

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Yes. This song is crazy. Perfect. Ya’ll are my people.

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