What list do you subscribe to get free Palettes?

I know there are free Palettes or packs? Is there a list or location to download them? I have a Polyend Tracker

It’s the regular Polyend Newsletter, but you can also subscribe to it from the Palettes site here:

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The next free pack will be coming around April 1st, with a new one every month for this year.

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is there any way to get the ones that we missed if we didn’t sign up for the newsletter before they went out?

Last one (sent March 1st) says the code was good for

This week only

So probably not for free, but the palettes are available: Thump • Polyend

Once you buy the Palette does it shop up in your account?

It does - bought the two ambient packs!


Which packs have been gifted so far?

Thump, Heights, and maybe that is it. None of the packs available to purchase now will ever be free, it will be a new pack every month.

sorry this by no means the right place for this, but here we are.

using chrome browser under windows 11, maybe with some dark theme turned on, (if they gave me option anywhere i clicked it, if not, then probably not something i went out of my way to look for)

the checkboxes on the checkout screen for agreeing to terms, and agreeing to revive the newsletter via e-mail are totally invisible to me on my end, until i am able to figure out where they are and click on them.

a wee bit conter intuitive and frustrating.

You could try hitting the tab key a few times it should eventually land on them (hopefully they look different once in focus) and then space will likely check/toggle them.

I’m using Firefox and had no issues with the form, if that’s an option maybe another browser could also be a workaround.

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I use a chromium based browser as well (and dark mode, windows 11). Here’s what it looks like:

From what i can tell it’s not affected by any CSS prefers-color-scheme rules that browsers support. I agree though that the contrast is not ideal.

I’ll tag @Mitch so that he can forward this to the web team as something to take into consideration in the future. :blush:

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Thanks for doing the screen shot and knowing who to e-mail. :).

part of me getting old i guess. i can kind of see the color separation on the screen shoot now.
cheers all.

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