What is the PHZ synth engine?

Someone posted this set of stickers from the tracker+ packaging…


What is PHZ? Is this a synth engine which hasn’t been announced yet?


:eyes: :eyes:


Upcoming phase distortion synth perhaps?


Since it has a ™ it implies a trademark registration right? I thought that could hold some information. But a couple searches didn’t turn up anything :frowning:

:person_shrugging: Something to look forward to in the future I hope!


Don’t play coy with us, Mitch! :slight_smile:

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My bet is it’s short for PHARTZ. A physical modeling engine with parameters like wet/dry, brown noise and loudness.


Mhm Phase Distortion is not my cup of Tea. But future will show :slight_smile:

An AI-assisted plugin that generates PHone callZ audio with that peculiar EQ texture from the 80s?


please smell parameters too?

Hope you never get the idea to do stand-up comedy :partying_face::wink:

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Ever tried an old Casio PM synth? Cz101 etc … from marvelous crystal noise pads to edgy arps

Phase modulations is an absolute Gem of synthesis, so underrated…

IMO it should be one of the core features within the future of sampling (alongside granular and realtime time stretch/ elastic audio)
Phase modulations between two samples can be magical :wink::sunglasses::old_key:and as far as synths goes one of the best sounding digital synth to date IMO is the new Phase mod synths by Modal … its sounds spectacular, really raisin the bar on digita/ alongside Hydra) :loud_sound::loud_sound:


Just used the Arturia Emulatiom of the Cz Briefly. Reading your post i will give Phase Distortion a deeper look. :slight_smile: have a Argon from Modal i like the company

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Yheah some say the plugin is quite identical but I find that ITB always takes that rawness away from how the hardware sounds, it might be minimal (the DX clones are quite spot on) but to me when going ITB from hardware setup this dithering/smoothing was quite obvious… and I find this quite obvious when comparing VST modulars to Euroracks …

Now again Modal has to be complemented to the attention to detail… this future take on phase distortion sounds absolutely amazing.

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Let’s hope it has some of that analog warmth too!


I love the CZ sound, Arturia did a great job with he VSt, another to look at is Regency Synth…If the PHZ sticker will actually reveal to be a Phase Distortion Synth

also definitely a possibility!