What happens when you run out of votes? You create a new account?

So we have a small number of votes that we can make for feature requests that we want on Polyend products, but what happens when you run out? Can you get more, or are people just going to create new accounts?

Some people will have multiple Polyend products to split their votes between, whereas others will have just one.

The vote limit effectively help the “cream rise to the top”. If there wasn’t a vote limit, everyone could vote for everything and the votes wouldn’t hold any weight and, in turn, wouldn’t help Polyend prioritize.

As long as features requests are groomed appropriately (i.e. declining ones that aren’t possible or don’t fit their vision for the product up front and closing those that don’t garner enough interest/votes after X amount of time - which Polyend seems pretty good about), then I don’t think the vote limit should be a problem.

That said, and I said this in one of the wish threads, I don’t think I should have to use a vote for something that falls closer to the bug fix/oversight category. Of course, if those items are fixed quickly enough, then I should get my vote back to use for an actual enhancement. So, we will see how it goes.

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Thanks. Potentially there could be people who don’t understand the point in the vote limit, so thanks for explaining that.

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Yes, @scheelio explains well why there is a limit of 10 votes. Just like Polyend has a limit of NN staff to develop products and features instead of unlimited resources. Having 10 votes instead of 100 helps you put yourself in their feet.

You can change your votes at any time, if that helps. Priorities might change. :slight_smile:

(And 10 votes isn’t that small of a number if you think the time, people and money that takes to implement any 10 wishes of the Wishlist )

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I’m going to add to this…

I own a OG Tracker, Tracker Mini, and Play+… yet I still only get 10 votes. Shouldn’t I get 10 votes per registered product? The current system means I get fewer votes per product, which seems counterintuitive.

I agree. I have a Ye Olde original Tracker and a Tracker Mini, and I can see myself getting other Polyend products in time. I agree that votes should be measured against devices registered with polyend.

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Do you get more votes in your country because you own more houses and cars? :wink:

More seriously (or not), the Wishlist is just a glorified survey, not a democratic system to tell Polyend what to prioritize. The importance of each vote is very relative. It’s all about enjoying the community collaboration!

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I own half a small flat and half an old car. Maybe I spend too much on polyend products…

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