What are the notes of the exotic scales?

Is there a list of the notes of the scales? I surely know what a major, minor, phrygian etc. scale ist, but what is “In Sen” or these other exotic scales? What structure they have? I´m wouldn´t like to spend much time to figure it out scale by scale and write it down. If there´s a list, it would be nice, otherwise if there´s interest here, I would do this on a long and cold winter night…

Hey @sth, welcome to Backstage!

The manual doesn’t have the breakdown of notes per scale. However I do have an excellent resource for you :slight_smile:
Check out page 93 from FrapTool’s ManualOne found here. It’s an excellent resource for scale breakdowns, expecially if you are into EDO/Microtonal turnings. Now you can finally have the breakdown of the 22 tone Miller’s Porcupine-7 Major Scale :sweat_smile:

Hope that helps!

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not really, there are some scales missing. There are scales in the Play I never heard before. I know the scales that are derived from the standard scales (the churchscales, the three minors with their different levels. Somebody must have programmed these scales into the Play, so why not put a list to the manual?

I’m somewhat confidant that the scales you are looking for are listed there, perhaps they go by a different name.
Is there a particular scale that you would like to address?

that´s what I´m talking about: I see names of scales and I don´t know what they are. I´m shure I know most of the scales, also the exotic ones, but I don´t know them by these names. Somebody must have set them, so I´m asking if there´s maybe a list of the notes of every scale. If not, I have to figure out every scale.

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