We're introducing Tracker Mini

Ordered :). Waiting for July.

I’m wondering if with the LINE-IN jack will allow also recording. I hope recording won’t be possibile just with the wonderful integrated MIC. Sometimes it’s good to rec from line-in or other audio sources…

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I’m proud of myself about how patiently I’ve waited for 24 hours just reading long discussions about… nothing concrete. :sweat_smile: But… as the sun raises in California… I’m really starting to get impatient to see how different people react to the Mini at NAMM. Good that it’s dinner time here and today it’s my turn cooking. But I sure hope that after dessert :ice_cream: there will be actual new information to devour. :smiley:

I was getting tired of eating dessert…


If what you are asking is the Mini sales start, July 12 according to Polyend Tracker Mini at NAMM 2023 - YouTube.

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I’m having a really hard to coping with the fact that you seemingly didn’t improve on the sample engines. Is this correct? I’d love for easier access to mangling, and for new performance modes. I also find it quite odd that you didn’t implement some sort of actual synth engine. You’re halfway there with the wavetable-sampler, but why not improve upon it? To me, you’d make the product so much more viable. Can any of you comment on this? And before this gets flagged, I want to zero in on the fact that I’m rooting for you, but there seem to be an obvious flaw in how you guys seem to handle transparency with your products, your roadmapping and so on. I’d love for you guys to paint me an actual picture of what you envision for the Tracker instead of some abstract marketing.

As a second question, is the “you can only order directly from Polyend”-option if you live in the EU something that will go further than just pre-orders? Will you offer the product through retailers such as Thomann once the product fully releases?


From what i understand, they started building on top of the existing firmware. I’m sure we will learn more about the roadmap and how they are going to take advantage of the new internals, fairly soon.

From what I understand the existing Tracker runs on a Teensy 3.6

The Mini has a more powerful CPU, would I be right in assuming it’s a Teensy 4.1 inside?

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I’m not sure if it is a teensy 4.1 but the MCU is either the same or close to it, yes.

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(4:02 and later) If the sonicstate camera knew that there is a lot of people willing to see how Performance mode works without the pads… But I think we’re getting an idea, using the four “Master Volume” buttons on the right.

PS: hi @iso! :slight_smile:

True, the little CME BT midi devices are great and very handy. However, built in wireless midi would have been the icing on the cake and made this pretty much perfect portability speaking. With the ability to use the phone or tablet you probably already have on you as a wmidi controller without the need for extra cables or devices to fumble with. Or use Tracker to sequence a synth app on your phone or tablet and run the audio out from that into the tracker. Would open up a ton of possibilities without the need for extra cables or devices.

I love being able to power my OG tracker off my iPad mini via USB-C and having midi between them. Really still annoying Apple no longer includes headphone out ports on any of their devices.


Is the Mini in a plastic or metal casing?

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Does usb audio support in and out? Can I sample from usb audio ?

Can you use the shortcut keys at the bottom or the 8 shortcut keys at the top for faster direct note entry?


By Venus Theory - YouTube


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lo deseo mucho

to literally make a shitty album

congrats for the release, I wish you the greatest of successes


Best in Show winner!?!?


Nice job! Can’t wait for it!