Wavetable intepolation (de-clicking)

When using fast modulations on wavetables, the Tracker engine can skip waveforms and cause a clicking sound. An adjustable parameter for interpolating between the current waveform and the next waveform would be very cool and help low-pass filter wavetables sound smoother.

What is the problem?

When using fast modulations on wavetables, the engine can skip waveforms and cause a clicking sound.

What do you want to achieve?

A more gradual change between waveforms with no clicking.

Are there any workarounds?

Slower modulation, and a low-pass filter to hide the clicking.

Any links to related discussions?

None that I could find.

Any references to other products?

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Thank you @Ott for contributing to the #wishlist!

Your wish is very clear but can you explain this sentence, please?

I guess it’s more of an implementation detail, but what I’m imagining is that there is a buffer in memory that holds the currently playing waveform. For each sample during playback, a sample from the “next” waveform is mixed back into the buffer at an adjustable ratio. So if the modulation is fast enough for a different “next” waveform every cycle and the ratio is 50%, you would end up with 50% waveform a, 25% waveform b, 12.5% waveform c, 6.25% waveform d, and so on.

@Ott Thank you for your explanation, now it is clear.

Based on the feedback from the Polyend team in other wishes, I have removed this sentence from the description to keep it simple. That sentence and your explanation are right below in the comments, so they are not lost.

@Ott thanks for contributing! Unfortunately we have to decline this due to technical reasons.

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