Waveform Zoom inconsistency

Bug Description

Slice hit markers are shifted in position with different zooming levels of the waveform.
The difference is only visual. The markers are not effectevely moving around.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Load a short sample
  2. Place some slice markers with a level 4 zoom
  3. Zoom out to level 1 and notice the difference.



Found in

  • Version: (1.7.0)


Hi @bresk13 , sorry you’re experiencing these issue. Unfortunately we cannot reproduce it and need your help to investigate further why this is happening.

Could you please attach the samples which are problematic and/or the project which you used to reproduce this issue?
Also, when you’re zooming in/out, which Slice are you focused on? Any? 1st? Last?
How are you placing the Slices? Auto Slice? Add? Are you moving them afterwards?
Do you always get the issue or only sometimes?
Does the issue stay after readjusting the zoom again? What about after leaving and entering Sample Playback page?
Finally, do you have Snap to zero setting On or Off? Or the issue happens with both settings?

Thank you so much for your support and I hope we can fix this for you soon.

Best regards

Hi @bresk13 , can you help us with the answers please?

wf zoom.zip (2.2 MB)
Hi @miropoly thanks for checking it out.

Project Attached.
About your questions:
First and last slice selected doesn’t make a difference.
I am placing the slices manually with ADD using the max level zoom possible in this case 4.4. on a 0.060s lenght sample. (7.sk1_bd)
Yes I move the slice to finetune.
I edited another short sample and the result is the same.(11.pt82_tomhi)
Entering or leaving the sample playback page or adjusting the zoom makes no difference. (rebooting too)
Snap to Zero is turned ON in the project settings. Turning it off makes no difference.
On longer sample it’s not visually noticeable as in intrument (5.) The zoom snaps from 108 to 54 in a single increment so the waveform go from lineout to filled.

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Hi @bresk13 , first of all apologies for late reply, we been busy with delivering a hotifx with more critical issues which affected 1.7.0 release (freezing, crashes). Thank you so much for sharing the files to help us with this one. We’ll try to include it in the next updates and let you know when it’s ready.