Volunteering Moderators on Backstage

I would be more than happy to lend a hand, just like I originally offered a couple of years ago. Would love to be a mod if needed.


Thanks for volunteering Grady, I’m going to add some info for anyone interesting in moderating.

How we add moderators is still a work in progress but we will start by requiring a trust level 3 and up as we want active moderators. You earn trust levels based on participation, and can find out more here -
TL2: Member badge on Polyend Backstage
TL3: Regular badge on Polyend Backstage

Once the trust level of 3 has been reached DM an Admin or comment below that you are interested in moderating.

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Hi, as a volunteer moderator not affiliated with Polyend I can say that we surely welcome more!

Here is more information about trust levels:

If anyone is interested in helping with the moderation of the forum and other community tasks, a couple of places to help right now (that don’t require moderator rights) are: