Visualizing Track Length keys


Probably a beginner question but, when you create some patterns by hitting shift + play button you can run the patterns as a chain and then you can see on the pad how keys change.

The question is: Is there a way to see this keys change when the track length is beyond 16? Right now, when I have more “pages” I’m not able to see the next 16 notes. I hope you get the point.

Thank you!

Hey. Thanks for asking. The pages do not move the next next one when you are playing your track. So if you have 32 steps, it will stay on the page you have selected. Note when you hit play, you will see the bar above it progress to show you where you are at. Hope I read your question right.

Hi @TheKrazyWabbit, thanks for answering.

Yeah, that’s the point. I can see the progress in the screen with the orange slider and also with the orange line in the key pad. But, for me, I feel a little bit lost sometimes when the progress is running and I don’t know exactly which part of the length is being playing for these tracks due the page stays still I don’t know if this could be useful for others too.

Maybe in the settings something like “Follow Track Length → On/Off” hehe.

Again thank you!

You made me look LOL
Well played!

I agree, I would also expect the playhead to follow the Track Length by default. Of course in some cases you don’t want it, e.g. with different speed on the rows. But most of the time I want to see what I hear.

To think even a step further I would add an option to loop the second 16 steps (and third and fourth) because that’s how I make music. I don’t want to listen from the beginning … again and again.
Does it make sense to put it on the whishlist?

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There is one on the wishlist. Looks like it needs more votes.

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If you press press Live Rec? (obvious caveat, the Play is then recording whatever you do with the knobs)

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Interesting… Having live record activated you get the pagination, that’s great and logical, but risky hehe. Now if we could have the same effect without live record, it would be amazing :crazy_face:

I just by hazard discovered this tonight! I know I had interacted with it before without really thinking twice about it, but yeah just like that you can scroll through the pages with Live Rec on! The Play just got a lot cooler in my book!! :love_you_gesture:

With that said, I do see the value of bringing that same functionality closer to the user in a more obvious way. Could make for a good wish :slight_smile: