V1.7b533 GUI Glitch Saving A Rendered Sample

Saving a rendered sample from Pattern page and the GUI went wild.

Video: https://youtu.be/LQwpqltAZN4?si=LVx2u7bmxeVVsiyY

V1.7 B533

It seems to be triggered by the MIDI note ENDING whilst on the naming/export screen.

It does not happen when transport is stopped.

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Hi @thephatconductor , unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue and we’re sorry you had to experience it. If you can think of exact reproduction steps, please let us know. But nevertheless, this is something we overlooked: rendering during playback should be disabled (same as exporting during playback) as it might cause issues like these and not work correctly. Thanks for reporting it and capturing on film! We will let you know when we resolve this. Best regards

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Cool. Yeah I’ve just moved to not playing and rendering at the same time and now we’re all good :smiley:

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