Used Tracker No SD Card

Thinking about buying a used Tracker. It does not have the original SD card. I know owners can input the serial number of the machine and submit a ticket to get a download of the original content on the SD card. BUT: Is this option available for those of us buying the equipment pre-owned (used) like me? What if it has already been registered to the original owner (basically, ownership has changed)? If this is not available for pre-owned machines, I may move on to another used unit that actually has the card with it still. THANKS!!

(Attempting to answer only because it’s the weekend and official answers might be slow.)

I’m no Polyend but usually any synth vendor will change the license to the current owner as long as you can proof you are the new owner.

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Hey @wkduffy , i’m also not a Polyend Employee but happy to help.

The previous owner - if they registered the device with Polyend - can always remove the device in their account here:

Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like. I removed my serial numbers for obvious reasons :laughing:

If that is done, you can register that device to your personal account and then download the device specific content.

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Thanks for the weekend replies @Sandroid @icaria36! The seller, which is NOT the original owner (it was a trade-in at a music store), said it actually does have the SD card in it after all, but the owner who traded it in erased/wrote over the original factory data/samples. So I’m still in the same boat without the original SD card info. But I went ahead and bought the Tracker anyway (on Reverb – it was in mint condition at $400 free ship, so no-brainer). So when I receive it, I guess I’ll try inputting the serial number to register it first and maybe get lucky that it was never registered. Then I’ll request the download. If it was registered, then I may have to jump hoops to show I am the new owner. We’ll see when I get it. Thanks again!