Use lower upper select buttons or double tap with shift for tertiary quaternary parameters

The upper lower select buttons or double tap can be expanded with the shift button.
With these new options you can add additional parameters to context specific for each specific function.

E.g. With repeat time you can select ‘2 hits | 1 step’. With the additional parameters you could be able to select the first part and second part independent. Like ‘3 hits’ and ‘3 step’.

Or select a type bandpass/notch filter instead of a low pass/high pass filter. And for the lower part select resonance and the order of the filter(s).

Or for the fill add a random note option that can have a note range and/or follows a certain chord structure.

And of course whatever else comes to mind in time.

What is the problem?

Only 2 parameters for edit functions.

What do you want to achieve?

Four parameters for edit functions for more fine grained editing.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Elektron Rythm

This wish is a means to an end, right? The end are these tertiary / quaternary parameters that would need to be implemented. Based on previous wishes proposed and the response of the Polyend team, it is better to submit the actual features you want to see one wish at a time.

I’m a programmer myself and this is a suggestion to the polyend development team. This feature may be a solution for other wishes. You can put things like this on the development backlog and use it when the time is right.

Besides it seems that focus on form over content with these wishes may not fit every suggestion out there. Customer feedback is of high value for the company and it’s not that they are overwhelmed with wishes.

Hi @94f9b39e924aa158f3bc , thanks for your wish. In fact we already have something which uses this “feature” planned for upcoming Play 1.4 update. Since this is already a first step in this direction, we will close this wish and please feel free to submit new one when you have a more defined idea how this “Shift+Knob” interaction could be used further to improve or add new functions to Play. Thanks and all the best

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