Unmuting / unsoloing with one button?


Typically I’m jamming with both audio and midi tracks, switching between the two via shift+patterns button, muting and soloing tracks as I go along. Is there not a way to unmute and/or unsolo tracks from both audio and midi all in one button press?

For example, lets say I’ve got 3 audio tracks (kick, snare, HH) and two midi tracks running. On the audio I have the HH track soloed, and on midi I have the first track soloed. I’m hoping there is a way with a single press to turn off the solo toggles from both the audio and midi tracks, making all the tracks play again.

I’ve tried using the Save / Reset button to accomplish this, but it doesn’t seem to effect mutes and solo settings.

Appreciate any insights!


prehaps a clever way/ wish for mute groups is in order …