Twoish part question about the tracker knob

1.) What MIDI does it output and does it change from page to page? I am guess it is cc data

2.) If I create a software dial which outputs the correct MIDI, will the tracker mini act like the tracker?

Just regular MIDI Data, like clock, transport notes, velocity etc and yes, the rest is CC data.
I’m not sure what you mean by “page by page”, i’m assuming you mean pattern. So yes, you can define MIDI data on each step, track or pattern. wherever you want really :blush:

You mean if you could emulate the dial knob of the OG Tracker via MIDI? No you can’t. I don’t think there is a mapping for the Dial available.

The second part of your answer gives me a big “oooh. Sigh”

FYI page by page i meant is the cc the same between the note page the instrument page and FX1 and FX 2 pages. But don’t seem like it matter much.

you could always create a wish for such a feature in Draft wishes .
I personally think it would be cool if we could map all the physical inputs to cc, so that people could come up with their own control schemes.

Ah, so in general you mean if it’s possible to map MIDI CC to the control inputs of the tracker?
Currently the external CC that can be sent to the tracker are only mapped for MIDI Synthesizer Mode. Check out the Section 11.9 MIDI Synthesizer in the Polyend Mini Manual.