Twisted Genetics: Horrible Things

“If I had to take one instrument to a desert island it would have to be the Polyend Tracker just for its versatility and how it allows me to get stuff done quick.”

“Working with Polyend Tracker just seems to focus my mind and allow me to get on with making songs. Like most musicians I spend a lot of my time in the studio procrastinating on what plugin to use and should I tweak this value or that value etc, any device which stops me from this is golden.

The unit sets constraints from the get-go, this allows me to get on with the writing process without thought. You can still do complex things on the tracker if you want, there’s massive scope for resampling and twisting stuff up. I often noodle with ideas in empty pattern slots that get resampled and added to the main body of the song. The granular is just amazing for this.”

Polyend Tracker - Horrible Things

Description and download

“I have always been into Jungle/drum & bass and like to produce with samples and samplers. I have a large library of samples that I have twisted up through my Emu sampler and outboard effects. I’m on the road lots, the tracker allows me to continue this workflow without lugging half the studio with me. I can’t put into words how useful this has been to me recently

The song idea was centered around a sample (It shows You Things) from the film “Event Horizon”. I had this sample for a while and wanted to make a Neuro style track with it. I hadn’t seen any neuro done on the tracker before and thought it would be a good challenge. For the bass I used some samples I had resampled from serum through my emu sampler and Sherman Filterbank. The rest just wrote itself from random samples on my SD card.”

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Twisted Genetics

Is a music project od Jamie Hanslip.