Trying to solve the mystery of clicking/popping on the Tracker

I would just apply a small fade in to one or more of these samples in the sample editor if it’s the summing causing it.
And also here try lowering the actual sample amplitude. The click could be caused by the sample repetition in the pattern loop.

thanks for the tip, I will try. I guess you mean the following ? : there is another thing that I do a lot to avoid clicks with audio editors, and that is to zoom in to the maximum at the end of the sample and cut the waveform at y=0, that is, where there is no “height” in the waveform, just on the horizontal line. In other editors, when playing the sample, the click no longer sounds after having done that. But I have done it with this tracker and the damn click still sounds. However, I will continue to experiment with more samples.


this is the normal behaviour, snapping the start and the end at the zero crossing point is the way to avoid clicks and pops. I don’t know in 1.7.1 firmware since I did not tried yet, but on 1.7 sometimes it doesn’t works, and the zero crossing point is ignored. I think it’s a graphical issue.

I’ve encountered the clicking while using the high-pass filter. I set Fill for High-Pass to fill each step by 1 increment going form 80 to 20. Even though the filter is opening by one degree each step, it clicks at every step. This is being used on a single drone note, and it’s the only note data in that row. Using with version 1.7.1 and can upload a project if it would help!

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Hi @harryhood , thanks for your comment. Uploading some audio examples and/or project would help us understand what is the issue you’re hearing. Thanks again

Everyone else @here, thanks for all your feedback about the clicking/popping issues.

As written in my previous comment, 1.7 release brought considerable “improvements in regards to the issues logged here”. As our guidelines say, we shouldn’t log multiple problems under one bug report as it becomes harder to understand, track and eventually fix them. Since this is a complex topic and we solved most of the clicking issues, we’ll allow an exception in this case :slight_smile: But I believe all remaining issues could be phrased as:

  • Audio clicks when sample is interrupted by another one on same track or when using CUT / FAD

So, I suggest we close this topic and log this one as separate remaining issue, along with any other which could still be happening (possibly the one from my previous comment).

Thanks again for all of your support!



So has this problem been addressed or not? :slightly_smiling_face:
I kind of don’t understand the answer…

On my Tracker samples still click and pop. I cannot hear any improvement
on this issue.


Hi @Mex , yes. As you can read in my previous comment, this issue was improved considerably, but not all clicks are completely gone. One case when they happen is described in my previous comment. If you’re experiencing another type of clicking issue, please log it as a new bug and we’ll try to fix it also. I will close this one for now, as it just causes confusion. Thanks for your question.

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