Transpose all tracks via MIDI Keyboard

The ability to transpose all running MIDI Tracks (not just Channel 10) with an external Midi Keyboard.

What is the problem?

Apparently it is currently not possible to transpose all running MIDI Tracks except for / or via Channel 10.

What should this feature achieve?

  • Allow MIDI Channel Config for the incoming Midi Channel for transposing the tracks
  • MIDDLE NOTE, where Transpose starts
  • Range for incoming Midi Notes, that transpose (maybe C2 to C4)

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

The Manikin Schritmacher handles this this perfectly, Maybe check the Schrittmacher manual.

Original Message:

I whish to transpose all tracks (not CH 10) via external Midi Keyboard.
This is actually not possible in Live performance
PLEASE make an update
Hajo Liese Düsseldorf

HI @hj.liese and welcome to Backstage! :partying_face:

Can i ask you to please fill out all the parts of the wish as necessary? Thank you! :heart:

Dear Sandroid,
my wihslist is:

  • the SEQ is runing
  • I want to transpose all running MIDI Tracks (not CH 10) with an external Midi Keyboard
  • Must have
    • Config MIDI Ch for incoming Midi Ch for tranposinf the tracks
    • MIDLE NOTE, where Transpose starts
    • Range vor incomin Midi Notes, that tranpose (maybe C2 to C 4)
      the MANINKIN Schritmacher makes alls this perfectly, maybe check the Schrittmacher manual.
      Thanks to reply

As i don’t have or had a Seq, i’ve updated this wish to the best of my abilities / knowledge. :blush:

@hj.liese Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we are not planning on upgrading the Seq firmware anymore. :frowning: We have to decline this wish.

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