Transferring synth-presets between Play+ & Tracker+?

I have created some patches on my Play+ that I really like, will I be able to move them to the Tracker+ and use them there as well?

Is it possible to make folders for the patches on both +machines and arrange them for like “Bass”, “Lead”, “Pad” and so on?
Would make it easier to organize and find the right patch more instantly!

Yes :partying_face:

Currently, no. They have to live within the folder that is named after the synth engine. This would however be a nice wish for a future update. Maybe create one in Draft wishes ? :blush:

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Are the presets compatible both directions? Or only Play+ to Tracker+?

As of right now it will be a three-way:

Play+ ↔ Mini ↔ Tracker+

They all should be compatible with one another.


I just did a compare between the preset directory of my play+ and tracker+ and found new presets on the tracker+ and most of the matching presets seem to not be exactly matching files.

Rather than sorting into folders, I suggest making it tags instead. So that a patch can be both bass and lead, etc. Then bake the tags into the patch file.

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That is correct. Most if not all existing patches have been updated in preparation for MIDI/Synth Performance Mode on the Play+.

:warning: The macros of the existing patches have been changed as well for this. Technically this shouldn’t be a problem since existing projects have their own copies of the patches you used in them.

But if you want to be super safe, backup your existing patches folder.


I took the liberty of creating a wish for patch tagging. Feel free to improve on it/add your own thoughts.


FYI, I copied the presets from my Play+ onto the Tracker+ (did not overwrite any presets that were already there) today I noticed that many sound very different in preview than when playing them from a pattern, and some seem to stick on.

This is probably the macros thing that i was mentioning earlier in this post.
On the Play+ most Macros were built with unipolar values in mind. For the Tracker+ this was changed to unipolar values.

Most likely you’ll just have to go to the Synthesizer Macros Page and reset all the Macros. You can do that by going to each macro and just hitting the Delete Key. I think that’s behaving slightly wonky in the current beta.

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That makes sense thanks!

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