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There is too much to learn and few time, at least for me. That in combination with my basic level regarding the technical specs like connection, midi, daws, etc. and the also the basics in music theory means that it’s hard get something great beyond doing always the same (fill… Change sounds, random notes, load packs… ). So what about centralize that useful info from others who likes teach or show their skills step by step? (In my case, with polyend play plus)

What is the problem?

Not so much technical info out there to learn

What do you want to achieve?

Having a centralized space where people like to teach or make tutorials

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Well some digital tools like SaaS (not gears) having their Academy web.

Hey @pineal . Thanks for sharing your wish.

Wishes are reserved for ideas to be implemented into the subjects given hardware. Is there anything that you have on your mind that could be implemented as a feature request for the Play?

If not, there are other areas in the forum for asking questions or bringing discussions. I feel there are a lot of Play tutorial videos out there. Perhaps someone in the community might already have a youtube playlist ready to share.

Could you share a couple of great tutorials of polyend play plus? Thank you.

As the Play+ is recently out, there’s not much regarding tutorials out there, but there’s plenty out there for the original. I particularly like this series as they really going into details.

@creativeunderdogs @Aisjam @TheKrazyWabbit and others have created very useful tutorials for the Play which are 100% applicable to the Plus. I have been quite busy lately and not paying much attention to Plus-specific tutorials covering the synths, but someone else might have recommendations.


Yo thanks! I am planning to make tutorials on the synth engines when I get the chance, I currently just have a few demos to show how it sounds when I am playing with the parameters. :slight_smile:


I watched all them and they are great but none of them, I think, talking about connection and configuration with daws or other midi gear, streaming set up, etc. But sure, amazing material of course. Thank you folks :pray:

Hey @pineal good suggestion. I can’t answer every single scenario, but I will work on hooking up to some gear and Ableton. I’m a hobbyist and don’t go super deep in the weeds. Hopefully it can be a foundation. I do not have any affiliation with the company. Just like having fun and don’t take things to serious.

I don’t know when I can do this with the holidays upon us. Do not wait for me. Hopefully someone else has something until I can get to it.

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Hi @TheKrazyWabbit, I’ve watched many of your videos, and I’m truly grateful. The way you embrace ideas and set out to pursue them is really kind and amazing. Of course, no rush! As a beginner, having something is already a lot for me. :pray::pray:

From a couple of days

Fan of EZBOT. Reality is he’s a hardcore Elektron guy and nothing wrong with that. I’ve called him the GOAT of that ecosystem. I watched part of it and had to click away as I don’t feel it’s a fair representation of the device nor something good for a training/tutorial. We see this a lot in this space. Someone who is primarily in one niche hard/software, try something out, not fully understand it and the audience walks away thinking its not all of that. Even the title, “strange” is what I am referring too. It’s not strange. It’s fun and if you keep things simple vs trying to do everything that you are used to something work, aka the comparison game, sure, it make seem strange. The reality, it’s not.

My two pennies.

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Thanks for the opinion, honestly it’s the first video I’m going to watch from him so… :sweat_smile: I’ll keep in mind your words.

Hi folks, I’d like to continue this conversation and keep learning from your wisdom. So for some reasons, after watch tons of videos I still can’t achieve the goal which is: Record video and direct audio from play with my Android phone. In the first instance sounds easy but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m not really interested in streaming (for now), just find a way to easily record all in the same place with the minimum resources as possible. Imagine that you are at home or in a park with your Play and your phone, so how record video and audio for yourself and later, maybe, you can export it and edit it or upload in social networks.

So I’d like to share the current connections I’m doing:

So if you want, please let me know what I’m doing wrong or if I’m missing any step or configuration. Feel free also in copy the image and edit it.

Thank you sooo much and have a great Christmas or party season.


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