Tracker's Line IN specs and options

Hey everyone,
I was wandering what are the options for Line IN audio input? I saw somewhere the specs about db range, but what about voltages? My knowledge is close to zero when it comes to those specs.
Can I use audio mixer main out (max +22bBu unbalanced) with a low volume setting or headphone out from the mixer directly into Tracker’s Line IN?
Can’t find any other specs at least about this specific mixer nor the Tracker line input specs.
I assume direct output from Eurorack to the Tracker would be an instant magic smoke…?

I’ve previously used headphone out from a soundcard and also output from AE modular - those two were working great.

Don’t want to fry my Tracker, any advice or examples of how you use your Tracker’s Line IN would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Since i don’t know what brand/model your mixer is, i can’t really tell you. But using the headphone output from the mixer should be perfectly fine (and most likely the main out would be fine too, just start at the lowest setting and work your way up).

I’ve connected the Tracker to my eurorack before without issues, so i’m not too worried about this either.

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Thanks for reply.
Yeah, I had a couple of months ago fried my Tracker by trying to record something into the line input. And I think it was coming from Eurorack, but not 100% sure anymore. Had send it for repair (kudos to Polyend team for a super quick response and service time). So now I’m trying to be very careful with what goes into it.