A wave of us potential tracker clientele stain away form trackers as we don’t gel with the : fax machine and an excel sheet wak in to a bar joke

… but the cool factor of the the matrix and that nostalgia of the 90s magnetizes one to always want to try the tracker.

To me the main concerns to not get a tracker is the click click clickery clicks around the grid that seam to be the mad max of workspeed

and I assure you after a few years on clikkery click push nr# 1 billion :kissing_heart: … you’ll tend to agree

So I am supposing a few recommendations for UI and enhanced workflow

XOX grid
Redux option
Punch in loop
Rotate tracks
Compress events
Expand events
Reverse events


First there is the XOX grid
(4x4 pad on the left select tracks 1-16 (1-12 on mk1) then the other pads would be 4x8 lines of xox

This addresses another thing: that is jumping from track to track , dunno, but from watching videos it seams like its just click click clikkity click or hold the arrow button down to switch tracks? Rendering this twice the choir in the + model with 16 tracks.

I d imgine youd jump into/ out of this mode via shift+record (or whatever the applicable modus operandi is) and the display would appropriate values and softkeys would access bar -/+ selection and appropriate commands… perhaps the note/instrument/ and FX 1&2 buttons could be functional etc etc


A great addition to the sequencer would be the equivalent of Renoise ReduX which is an independent tracker lane (phrase) that can be triggered like an event inside a tracker lane (it can have its own independent resolution and length) I would suggest the option to sacrifice a lane to accommodate this feature as its that powerful.


A quck way to loop a section (punch in /out ) or just trigger a pre-termin loop length= like shift+play loops 8steps at that “shift+play” point (or from the nearest strong beat) this is for micro edits when you want to get a roll or fill /sample chop or w@ever right and quickly on the fly

Rotate tracks is such a great feature (should be native)
Expand and Compress
(selected events in bar/s across destinated number of bars
Reverse, inverts events for playback (like backwards playback)

For your consideration I hope these bare fruits.
Thank you!


Cool feature request, you might want to turn this into a draft wish though for Polyend to review and then allow to be voted on or declined for whatever reason.


i just wrote this to what would push me to buy a tracker /adressing workflow and workspeed.

I don’t have a tracker (don’t know what shift + button combos or the inner clockwork. Please feel free to do the honors or anyone for that matter … IMO team PE just have read this thread to visualize it …

Also Id like to add to the UI workflow a shortcut when selecting parameters via softkey menus by simply hold the softkey(menu popup) and press a pad to quickly select option.

So whilst holding the softkey the pads light up representing the command options in the popup menu, and once 2nd nature everything is just a click away instead of burning the data weel scrolling all the time :clinking_glasses: :v:

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best feature request ever. :heart_eyes:

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