Tracker & Tracker Mini - External Audio - Reverb Behaviour

Hiya. I often use my Tracker or Tracker Mini with an external bit of gear and feed the audio from the external device into the Tracker and through the reverb.

I’ve noticed over the years I’ve had the Tracker and the months I’ve had the Mini that the behaviour of external audio through the reverb is different from the behaviour of internal audio through the reverb.

It’s like with external audio in there is a threshold that makes the reverb kick in if the source audio is loud enough, that doesn’t kick in if it doesn’t reach this threshold.

This makes the reverb kinda jarring when it kicks in, especially with playing field recordings/ambient sounds where the audio is not at a consistent volume and when I’ve done some small live ambient sets I’ve found that the reverb swells too loud when the external audio in hits the threshold.

This weird reverb behaviour is not the same with internal audio.

Has anyone else noticed this? I’m considering raising this as a bug, but wanted to see what others think.

This is the same on my OG Tracker and my Mini.


You are absokutely right with your observations.
The reverb behaviour on the tracker is hard to predict. I am sometimes almost reluctant to use it, but what else have we got?

I think a rework of the algorithm with better control over it is necessary to make it less gimmicky and more professional. The current state is of the effect section is not great.

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I quite like the way the Tracker reverb sounds (ever heard the Deluge reverb? Sheesh that’s surprisingly awful…), but I agree that it could do with some work. If Polyend could fix it so that external audio could use the reverb without having to trip some threshold, then that would be great for my usage. Currently a quietish audio input can’t use the reverb.

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Agreed. It’s definitely ‘volume activated’. I persevere as it’s a great reverb but a fix would be very welcome.