Tracker sync bug

Hi guys I’m experiencing a bug with the og tracker

Bug Description

I’m experiencing a bug in logic with the og tracker I have it set up over usb to receive stop and start messages from logic . When I press play on daw it starts and plays the patterns in time on the tracker with logic but when logic returns to the start of the cycle loop length the tracker replays the last pattern again even though logic has returned to the start of the project . It jumps back a block
I’m running the latest 1.6 firmware

Reproduction Steps

Set the cycle loop length in logic to what ever you want . In the logic midi sync settings I have the tracker as destination , clock ticked and mmc ticked .
Press play on daw , the tracker plays but when logic returns to the start of the cycle loop . The tracker replays the last pattern it was playing it doesn’t return to start .


Every time

Found in

  • Version: *(1.6)
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Hi @dj_kurrupt , thanks for your report. After discussing with the Polyend team, we evaluated that we want to keep the current behavior and treat this as correct in current design. We’re sorry you’re having issues with it and that it doesn’t fit your workflow, but hope you can still find Song mode useful within the Tracker. Best regards

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