Tracker+ swing out of sync playback on 1st bar.

I’m having trouble with my tracks timing being out of sync only at the 1st bar of playback.

I hit play it doesn’t play back correctly in time until it loops the 1st bar once. Then the timing is fine.

I’m running it standalone, no external gear and one-shot samples. I do have swing on some notes.

Is this normal operation of the tracker? I’m new to Tracker+ so I’m likely missing something.

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That seems rather odd. Could you share the project maybe with us (just zip the project folder and upload it)?

Sure, thanks. (37.9 KB)

I didn’t look at the project, but swing works globally on Tracker, so the track starts the swing when the first swing FX is triggered, if this isn’t at the first bar then you wouldn’t have swing until then. Not sure if this is what is happening, but might be.

That is what i’m guessing as well, hence why i asked for the project. Will have a look later, thx for sharing the project! :heart:

So I’ve just entered the swing FX value on the first note of the bar instead of the specific notes 8 & 10 and it works properly the way you explained it. I was approaching it the wrong way. Thanks for the clarity on global swing. :+1:

The way I first did it, I should have used micro-move, if I just wanted to affect the timing of only those two notes without affecting the timing of the whole song.



Welp glad it got sorted.
Happy Tracking! :partying_face:

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