Tracker stuck playing in record mode

Bug Description

I am in record mode, and the selector is following along track like it is playing. I can not get out of the record mode, tracker seems to be stuck. It seems only way to get out is to shut down from button – this works.

Sometimes I also have slight visual freezes in pattern mode when playing.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Have a pattern with one midi track, and a track with lots of chance fx and one tempo fx.
  2. Have most audio sent to reverb and delay, post fader.
  3. Go in record mode while pattern is playing and press arrow buttons really-really-really fast.


bug is reproducible sometimes

Found in




have the same sometimes, can’t reproduce though

Hi @Radiowaves , sorry you’re having problems and thanks for reporting them. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issues. Could you please share the project with which the issue is happening? If you found out more exact reproduction steps in the meantime, please share. Thanks and best regards

Hi @Radiowaves , could you provide the project with the issue please? Did you manage to reproduce the issue since? Thanks

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Issue closed because of no reply from user and cannot be reproduced.