Tracker starts recording at count 2 instead of 4 during pre-roll count in -

Bug Description

Recording starts at tick 2 instead of after 4 during count-in (pre-roll).

Reproduction Steps

  1. shift + record
  2. count beats - recording starts on second click, not 5th


happens evertime

Found in

  • Version: 1.6 and 1.7
  • Build: TBD


I have count-in enabled and set to 1/4. My BPM is 174. When I press Record&Play, the “Count In” window pops up, but Tracker starts recording/playing at tick 2 instead of waiting for the full 4 tick count in to finish. I’m happy to share a video if that would help.

Edit: I’m running version 1.7.0

Here’s a video of the issue

@chrisr Sorry for the late reply and thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.