Tracker Scale Filter?

Is there a way to filter a scale on Tracker like we have on Play? For example imagine that i wanna write a bassline or a lead in D Minor scale using the fill option, is there a way to have a fill just with notes in D Minor Scale? If there is please let me know how can i do it.


Bumping this question for visiblity.


There is a way, but the Tracker works differently than the Play. Basically, you can do it using two methods:

  1. Go to the config menu, Project settings, and in Pads Scale choose a scale. This way you’ll be able to write your sequences using the pads while always staying within the chosen scale. This allows for pretty fast sequence writing and will definitely help you with your basslines.
  2. Use the Arp FX. This one can be combined with the Fill function. You can use the standard arp note placement and even random and Euclidean modes. The only drawback here is that the Arp FX needs to be combined with Chord FX. The Chord FX gives the Arp FX all the info about the notes within a chord and a key which can be then used as an alternative to a scale filter. This method is much slower and eats up 2 FX slots.

Are scales applied to note fill if no pad scale is selected on the Config page? They don’t appear to be.

Yes, I think you can with the fill function in the note column

The scale function in the pattern fill, when set to random, does not keep notes within the scale. I haven’t tried this using a range fill.