Tracker plays wrong pattern in song mode

Bug Description

When I, as a user, am composing a song, I overwrite patterns with other patters to make variations. When I go to song mode, the tracker will play the old pattern data randomly sometimes or play a different pattern that was in this positions. As such, the tracker becomes useless in a live performance environment. I haven’t had this issue prior to the latest firmware.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Compose pattern in slot 5
  2. Overwrite the next pattern slot 6 with it
  3. Go to song mode, play it and sometimes it will play the old data
  4. After a while it fixes itself but a while can be anywhere from a second to a minute.
  5. Other time, without any direct changes, song mode will play the wrong pattern in any given slot

I thought my SD card was going bad so I went and bought a new one with no changes to behavior. As a random ocurrence this is hard to reproduce reliably but I’ve seen this behavior across multiple projects.


bug is reproducible sometimes

Found in

  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Build: 561

Personal notes:

This is severely limiting me since I use the tracker live and I need it to reliably play the data it’s programmed to

I am running the tracker off a USB hub, it’s supposedly getting adequate power, I’ll measure this when I can but I doubt starving the tracker for power would mess it up so subtly

Other than that, I’ve tried multiple SDs, they’re all good quality fast cardsI’ve ran all diagnostics software I can on my cards and there’s no obvious signs of corruption

I haven’t encounteres this issue with the tracker before 1.7.1, I’d like to try an older version but I don’t really have the time to mindlessly loop a few slots in song mode hoping it will happen.

Hi @durankievg,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry you’re having trouble with our product. Could you please share the project and settings where you noticed this issue last?

Also, you mentioned using a powered USB hub. Have you noticed these issues while using the original power adapter and cable that came with your Tracker?

@durankievg Could you look at my previous comment, and provide us with a project and settings? :slight_smile:

Hey, I was away from home for a few days.

Here’s the one of the projects where I have encountered this behavior but it’s not project specific so just any from my SD will do.

I have been running this setup for the past two years at minimum and I have had 0 issues prior to 1/7 and 1.7.1 so I sincerely doubt the hub is the issue but I’ll try running it without for a while when my work/life ballance allows me.

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Hello @Hans , today I did some measuring and found out another potential culprit for the tracker misbeaving, even though it’s still a mystery how it’s been working fine prior to the latest firmware.
I’ve measured the following:

  • original power supply - Volts: 5.02 - 5.15, Amps: 0.30
  • power bank + usb hub - Volts: 4.75 - 4.90, Amps: 0.30. Results wuthout the hub were the same.
  • power bank and a different hub - Volts: 4.9 - 5, Amps: 0.35. Results wuthout the hub were the same.

So in my usual setup, the tracker could get undervolted with about 0.2V. What are the tolerances we’re working with here? I’ve measured this before when making the setup to see if I’ve got enough power so it’s not any newly developed fault in the power bank or hub.

EDIT: These were all measured with the tracker playing a busy project so as to suppose that the CPU is under heavier load

Hi @durankievg , I am sorry but I cannot reproduce your issue. Could you give us a bit more information about the reproduction steps:

  1. What do you mean compose in slot 5? Do you compose it in Pattern editor? Or “compose” by copy/pasting different tracks in Song page/Rec mode? By slot 5, you mean slot in Song page I assume and not Pattern #5?
  2. How do you overwrite the pattern? Using Copy Pattern / Paste Pattern actions in Pattern page? Since you open Song mode in next step… Also what do you mean by overwrite? Is pattern in slot 6 empty or already “dirty”?
  3. … I assume you’re not overwriting patterns in Song page using Copy/Paste buttons in Pattern list (Rec mode)? When do you start playback? Is it already running?
  4. Does it fix itself after playing one loop? Do you do anything to fix it like Start/Stop playback?

Please help us reproduce this problem so we can analyse it and try to fix it. Thanks for your patience and support so far.

Hi @durankievg , any updates on this issue? Please let us know, thanks!

Hi @durankievg , please let us know if you are still experiencing this problem. We weren’t able to reproduce it unfortunately.

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