Tracker OG -mk2- all it needs is……

Whenever you all get around to reinventing the OG Tracker, please please give it:

-A few assignable outputs like the 1010 Blackbox.

That’s really all it needs!

Thanks bye

I have questions! :blush:

When you say assignable outputs… do you mean like actual physical outputs for the 8 tracks?

Yes, like two stereo jacks that give 4 possible outputs. Or 4 mono jacks. Or more!

I find myself wanting to send tracks to external effects etc and panning them works, but the more the merrier!!

More inputs would actually be interesting too.

As a tracker can be a brain of setup type of device, having a minimal mixer capabilities would make it very convenient in order to simplify the setup.

3, 4 or more stereo line inputs would be awesome, be it for studio but more especially for live situations.

Well, the Mini supports USB Audio, which gives me ideas. :thought_balloon:

Hear me out, i have an idea:

  • A standalone product/box that could attach to the USB Port.
  • It passes through power so the Mini could be charged
  • It takes advantage of the Mini’s USB Audio and exposes individual audio ports for the tracks

That would be pretty sweat! One can dream… :heart:


If there is an update version of the OG tracker mk2, I would like to see some sort of dock feature using something like pogo pins or USB. Making it pick up and go or the brain of the studio.

also macros so i can live perform assignable elements :slight_smile:

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I would love to see midi program change in, is soooo essential in a hardware device nowadays… And the ability to record performance mode

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