Tracker native VST

What is the problem?

Lack of deep Tracker integration with DAWs.

What do you want to achieve?

An app product that runs Polyend Tracker as a VST within a DAW, with multi-channel audio and midi output. This would be a standalone application (like Opsix Native VST or Elektron Overbridge).

It can run without a tracker plugged in (thus a separate purchase), as well as act as an overbridge like integration with the hardware.

I’m imagining controlling multiple instances of the Tracker VST within Ableton, switching between the instances, editing each from a DAW window or via the Tracker hardware itself. This includes all views like sample editing, step recording, etc. all in sync between the hardware and the daw. In this way I could have unlimited number of tracks with the hardware track editing ease of the Polyend Tracker, and the multi-track audio recording experience of Ableton.

Are there any workarounds?

Controlling Polyend Tracker over MIDI.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

  • Opsix Native VST
  • Elektron Overbridge

Hey @atomicafro , i’ve taken the liberty to slightly rephrase your wish/idea.

I gotta ask - why not just use something like Renoise or Redux instead?

I think there are two different concepts being mixed here: a VST that enhances connected hardware and a VST that works without any hardware connected. What is being requested here?

Elektron Overbridge is an enhancement to conmnected hardware and is limited by the capabilities of the hardware. If we apply this model to Tracker then this is not possible, because the hardware doesn’t support it:

Opsix Native is a replica of a hardware synth that users can buy on its own or at a reduced price if they own a Korg Opsix (if I understood this product correctly). Korg and Polyend are so different companies in so many ways (and a Tracker is so different than a traditional synth) that, indeed, as Sandroid says, I don’t see Polyend now starting to compete directly with Renoise etc developing a more competitive 100% software-based Tracker. But hey, who knows. :slight_smile:

These are solid replies. I guess being able to quickly take what I’m working on remotely into the studio is the main takeaway of what I’m interested in. A way to convert tracker projects to renoise would certainly do the trick, but I’m not sure if that will ever be possible.

I’ll be very honest in saying that a tight VST-like integration would be a really cool as a long term idea, I personally would much rather see the Polyend team put their time and effort into maximizing their hardware rather than spending time developing software and VSTs. Renoise exists for those who want to track on their systems. Being the Polyend team is a small group of individuals making incredible hardware, I would much rather see resources put into maximizing that hardware instead of any form of software.

Just my honest opinion.


Hi @atomicafro , our answer to this wish would be a bit like @dan.lgrnd and @icaria36 write in their comments. But shortly, sorry, we accept software wishes for this specific product/hardware (Tracker in this case), but we’ll take this into consideration when designing new products (software/hardware).

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