Tracker Mini vertical revolver step highlighter issue

Bug Description

When using vertical revolver mode and highlighting all steps in a column (Shift + Up) the steps above 0 do not show as highlighted. I would expect all steps in the pattern to be highlighted when pressing Shift + Up. Shift + Up does select all steps in the pattern, the issue is some are not highlighted in red/green to show that they are selected.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Select a pattern
  2. Press Shift + Up to select all events in pattern column
  3. Events above 0 are not highlighted.



Found in

Version 1.0.0
Build 492


I noticed the same thing, but it’s important to note this is just cosmetic. Still would love for it to be fixed though.

Yes, not a big deal now that I know what is happening but it was confusing to me as a first time user.

Hi @t_byrd , thanks for reporting this. We already discussed this somewhere on Backstage, although I can’t find it now… but I’ll repeat here: this behavior is “by design”. Reason for this design is that in cases when patterns are short (less than 8 steps), the selection would be visible in multiple “revolving” patterns and not only this starts to be confusing but also demanding for overall performance of the device. Therefore we decided to show it only in “main” pattern display. This is only cosmetic and shouldn’t affect any functionality.

Thanks for the response. I see how this could cause some issues with shorter patterns.

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