Tracker, Mini, Tracker+. What’s your favorite?

For those that have played with all three, if you had to use only one, which would it be and reasons why?

I come from the Play + side of the house and want to get into the tracker hardware space and curious what others like. Thanks in advance.

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For me Tracker Mini. Is going to have more or less the same functionality than the plus (with the next firmware update) with the advantage of being a super portable device.


In my case it’s playability over portability.
Read: I prefer the OG Tracker/Tracker+ Formfactor.

Main reasons being, i like the pads to live-play / experiment and i like the joghweel to work with.
I feel more comfortable/faster with that formfactor over the handheld Mini.

It’s very possible that this is just a case of old-dog-new-tricks type of thing :laughing:

My point being:

  • if you are looking for something small that you can take with you and doesn’t use much space,the Mini is preferable.
  • if you mostly work at home or on the couch and you like to live sequence, or just jam on pads and don’t want to have to use an extra controller. The OG Tracker or Tracker+ are what you are looking for and easier to work with.

Featurewise: obviously the OG Tracker will fall behind the other two. Mini and Tracker+ will be on par.

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For me it’s different use cases.

I love the Mini for when I’m out and about or being a couch potato. It also get quite playable with a midi keyboard attached.

For serious work I prefer the Tracker+ form factor. The jogwheel and the pads for perform mode make for a faster workflow.

I have an OG Tracker and a Mini… I’ll probably get a Tracker+ in the near future.


I don’t own a Tracker +, but I like both the OG for the pads as input are hard to beat but I always use the Mini because stereo samples can add a lot of atmosphere.

I have 6 releases currently out that use both devices exclusively for sequencing everything, one of the latest being featured here The Best Electronic Music of November, 2023 | Bandcamp Daily

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I have only used the Tracker Mini, been using it for 4 days now, and I would love having a knob and a small bank of silicone pads. So I’m thinking about the Tracker+ but I don’t want to do a return.

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I have all three. The one I use pretty much exclusively now is the Tracker+, but with a battery pack. It’s light, small enough to chuck in a bag (with a Decksaver), and my battery lasts for hours. I feel that the only thing you lose compared to the Mini is the built in microphone, which personally I don’t use much.

In defense of the Mini, I just haven’t given it enough time to get a good workflow going without the jog wheel and pads. I’m sure that would come with practice. Stazma has a nice video on his Mini workflow -


Tracker + is the most inspiring for me personally. I produce far more on it that any other machine I own


If I must chose, I’d go for Tracker+. I worked for several months with the OG on a powerpack and dictaphon for input, worked great. I miss the wheel and the pads. Have: OG, mini, Medusa, which has great sounds, but miss the sampling.

I broke down and just ordered the Polyend Tracker + :grimacing: