Tracker Mini Stereo Packs

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know we started updating the Tracker Mini sample packs to stereo on the factory content. So far we have 4 packs in stereo and they sound huge! (Kicks and bass still mostly mono of course)
If you registered your Tracker Mini you can find them in the factory sd card content on the website - There is a new folder called “Stereo Sample Packs”.

Also if you aren’t a subscriber to our newsletter I was curious what genres of music you all make if you could answer this tiny survey here! Thanks and more stereo packs will be available very soon.


Really great gift ! The LoFi HipHop samples are really good. Thank you !

Am I missing something? My account only shows an ‘SD card Content’ v 1.0
Wasn’t version 1.0 what was released with the tracker mini?

UPDATE: I’ve now downloaded it and found the new files in the image. It seems to be on a google drive?, is that the official way polyend supports it’s products?

You say that as if Google Drive is a bad thing? :thinking:

I’m guessing since the conversion of the Pack to Stereo is an ongoing process (and judging by the filesize), it is probably easier to use Google Drive for storage and as a collaborative environment while they are converting the files?

Just a guess though :blush:

I was mostly just confused because I got an error about not being able to open the file rather than just getting a download. It turns out that my google drive settings was wanting to install something to open the zip file to show what was inside. This may have been different for someone who doesn’t have a google account. Then google gave a warning about not being able to virus check it. At that point, I wondered if I had clicked the right link, or if the link was wrong when all I had expected was for the browser to start a download.

Yeah the download experience on Google Drive is lackluster at best :laughing:

There is a new folder in the “1.0” zip file. Sure, it can be confusing with the previoud “1.0”. But there are some new stuff in it.

Right, probably no way to make this less confusing. 1.0 zip is referring to the firmware. And not the downloads inside. It might be more confusing if I launched a 1.0.1 file without a new firmware.

As for google drive - yeah @Sandroid is right, this file is an exception cause it is changing with new samples!