Tracker Mini Stand

Hey folks. I’ve been looking for a stand for the Mini that fits my needs.
Since i have access to a 3d printer, i’ve decided to make my own :laughing:

  • It has an optional support beam, if you want to keep them at a fixed distance from one another.
  • Also it has extra clearance at the bottom so that angled jack plugs can be used.

You can find the .stl files here:


Open an Etsy store :wink: I wouldn’t know what to do with that file, haha.

That’s really amazing! You could consider to open a mono-product store somewhere. If I may suggest you something to design and build: a kind of support that allows us to use the MINI on the road. I mean something that avoid contact with the ground (imagine using it in field recording situations…or simply on a dirty and wet cafe’s table) while sampling from the internal mic. More in general we are dealing with the MINI as is was a smaller copy of the Tracker and I don’t feel a diffused outdoor use of it. I know you made a wonderful video in the wild featuring the mini. My suggestion is : bring it outside :slight_smile: when you build your next 3D work. Anyway your creation is awesome but unfortunately can’t access any 3d printer… Congrats!

You mean more like a protective shell? Or just a way to stand it off from the ground?

I actually designed this one specifically so i can record it outdoors (as you may have noticed in my video, i’ve used the carrycase :laughing: and that was a bit of a pain).

I mean another idea would be some sort of mount with a 1/4 inch tread, that you could use for example on tripods.

What I am using for a stand for my Mini. Believe it is a KVR stand. Purchased it a few years back for my Zoia originally.


Hu, I mean both :)! Yep, that another one is great too… I feel a protective shell (any kind) would be a life saving…

Updated the original post with a link to the initial version/files.
Currently waiting for a couple pieces parts, so i can build a version that has angled connectors built in, much like a cradle.

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