Tracker Mini: Press and hold center button with + and - to change note in step jump - Speed up entering notes

What is the problem?

On the OG Tracker, I can be really fast entering in an idea with step jump. when entering in notes on the mini, it is a lot slower on the step jump as it imminently jumps on centre button press, so you have to scroll back up to change the note.

What do you want to achieve?

add a function so the step jump only happens on release of the centre button, so you can change the note using + and - before moving to the next note.

Are there any workarounds?

after button press, scroll back to the note and change the value.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

LSDj you hold A and use UP DOWN to change note

Plz vote, I neeeed this so bad :frowning:


Great idea. I have no votes left and play+ is my priority :sunglasses: but just to say this is a good one.

tho imo, if polyend can sort out the wish that turns the 8 screen buttons into OG tracker pads for note entry that would somewhat negate the need for this wish.

I voted for that one. it’s top of my mini list by a mile.

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I’m confused.

When you are on a step and you hit +/- you remain on said step already until you have set the desired note, no? Only - as you say - when you press the center knob on the D-Pad does the Step Jump occur.

Isn’t that what you are asking or? Or am i misunderstanding your request?

@Sandroid When you are on a note you can change it this way. however when step jump is on and you centre press, it jumps to an empty space. if you want to add a note from here ± big and small have their respective functions. Centre press defaults to last note and jumps again to the next empty space.

Between adding last note and jump to next step, this is where I would like to hold centre to pause jumping so you can use + and - to change the note. This would lead to less button pressing and follow a UX loop as you hold Center and tap + or - a few times to get to the note, release and repeat.

Just haven’t found a good flow process for entering melodies using step jump. I will plot in the rhythm with step jump first, then use + - to make the melody on the second pass. Unless you have a good process for this?

Ah so the idea is to lower the barrier or the amount of button presses?

Yeah there is that additional press i suppose, but maybe i’ve just gotten used to it. :laughing:
My flow so far has been:

  • Either start right away or position on first step i want
  • Use +/- to enter the note i want
  • Press center
  • If i want to use the same not again, press center
  • Or use +/- to change note and then press center again to continue

Maybe i can make a small video if that helps to visualize it?

I’m usually a fan of not having to hold buttons pressed, as it just adds strain quicker.

I’m actually still alternating between using step jumps and/or turning them off entirely. I have not yet decided which one of the two modes i like better :rofl:

Sounds like an idea :). I lose flow when I accidently press - and add an OFF command when I want to lower the note, then delete, then + and then ± to get to the note I wanted.

I am going to do a VS video of the Tracker OG V tracker Mini and this is my only gripe on a great machine. I has been by my side since I got it.

Also I come from LSDj so button combos and long presses are mandatory. Its one thing I appreciate is how Polyend still kept menu diving to a minimum in a smaller package.

Edit: I like that you can press - and big - to get to the CUT and OFF commands. Usually i save it in the copy buffer when working in Renoise to plot melodies.

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Wanted to give some time to see if from the conversation if this wish should be refined. @Aisjam what are your thoughts?

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: