Tracker Mini power button

Love it! lots of fun thanks for another great product!\

one question thought, my power button is pretty deep in. I am wondering if this is the intent or it is suppose to be flush with the surface of the case?

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Glad you are having fun with the Mini!

Yes that is the intent. The reason is to avoid powering it on/off unintentionally. We had prototypes that where flush with the case and it tended to get powered on/off unintentionally a lot. Especially if you put it in the carrying case upside down, or throw it in a bag.


Totally makes sense, glad it is a design intent!

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But this deep?

No, that looks dreadful, as does the seam of your unit.

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Will return it

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yeah please contact to help you out - that doesn’t look like you could push it in.

That’s what they wrote to me:

Hi Fabio,

Thank you for sending the photo. It looks like everything is ok. All the units look like this. The first few preproduction units had the button all the way up but it introduced some issues with the button caps. This resulted in lowering the button a bit further to the body of the unit, so this its the way all Minis look like.
Thank you for understanding this.


But Thomann was so kind to take the Unit back and gave me a new one with the button way better placed.

It’s cool you now have a good unit, credit to Thomann.

Nice that Polyend replied but for the life of me I can’t fathom out what’s going on. Are Polyend really saying that the way they fixed the problems they had (with the button being flush to the top surface) by reducing the height, making it harder to turn on/off, even though the button requires to be depressed for a second or so? THAT was their solution?!?