Tracker mini notes

Hello, my first post here. These are from my notes app, I may need guidance on how to move forward but I’d love your thoughts:

Tracker mini

•Usb audio options: option to disable usb audio out,

•Simple version of track out over usb audio, a mode to make the device easy to use with Abelton Lite/intro? Maybe 4 & 8 stereo track option grouping internal tracks to a single stereo out usb track for example.

•Midi CC “master - global mixer” line in reverb & delay cc#? It would be very nice to have access to these.

•Performance: midi cc for track selection “on/off” to quickly add/remove tracks from the effects.

•Connecting usb c-c with an OP-1 Field causes the units to connect briefly. They disconnect within a few seconds. I was trying to use op1f as a controller to play in some notes using the config midi set to usb & adjusting relevant settings, nothing seems to solve it in the menu.

After reading how drafts & wishlist work I’ll need to separate these into new posts tomorrow. Please feel free to leave your input tho!

Hey @dustenmcadams , just checking in if the separation happened or not.
This way we can decide what to do with this wish :blush:

Closing this wish as the original poster was planning to separate the wish into multiples and submit it again following our guidelines.

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