Tracker Mini not powering up when unplugged

Hi there

I’ve today received my Tracker Mini but am concerned that the unit won’t power-up when unplugged. The unit has been on charge for hours, and the battery indicator alludes to it being full. It will boot when still plugged in (using the supplied adapter and cable), but as soon as the cable is removed it cuts out. The device is dead unless plugged in. Anyone else have this issue? Is it something that can be resolved, or am I going to have to return it?


Hi Jon,

Sorry you are having this problem, not sure what the issue is but I would recommend emailing as I think it may be a hardware issue that we can help you out with.

Happy New Year Jon

I discovered a wee idiosyncratic power on knack with the Mini, you need to only hold in the power button until the P logo appears then release it, otherwise it appears holding the button in the Mini thinks you wish to power off.

I hope that helps you and others as there have been a couple of threads on this issue.

All the best with your music