Tracker Mini - Low line level


I’ve received my Tracker Mini 2 days ago and used it with my headphones until now and everything’s fine.
I plugged it today to my console and the output level is quite low. Is it normal ?

Maybe a stupid question, but did you turn the output volume up?

When using headphones, I find myself turning the volume quite a lot down in order to get a tolerable, not too loud level. When connected as line out to other gear, I need to dial it back up to around 0 dB.


Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:
Yes, I did of course. I even tried to push it further but quickly went into distortion issues.

With volume at 0 dB the sound is very low compared to all my other instruments. I wanted to know if it was my unit or if it is by design.

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I guess if you have just one line out which you can use for line or headphones, you probably have to find a compromise for the levels it sends out. Your other machines probably have dedicated outputs for line and headphones?

Well for example, my computer has higher line level on its output meant to drive speakers or headphones.
And my question was mainly to know if it is the case on every Tracker Mini or if there was an issue with mine. If it’s normal I think Polyend had choices to make as you said.

I just discovered that the extra headroom option lowers main volume a lot, so I think I’ll do without it and keep an eye on VU meters.