Tracker Mini Keyboard : using + and - to enter keystrokes

Noting that the Center button on the directional pad to enter the notes, I would like to use both thumbs :slight_smile:. I would like to see the Big + for a Capital, small + for lowercase and both the big and small - as a backspace.

What is the problem?

my left thumb is well used from move, needs a rest making music :stuck_out_tongue: .

What do you want to achieve?

Use the right thumb to speed up naming things
Big + for a Capital
Small + for lowercase
both the big and small - as a backspace.

Are there any workarounds?

the current method of using the centre button to select on the keyboard.

Any references to other products?

Naming on a Gameboy by Dpad and A to add letter and B to backspace.


Hey @Aisjam , there is already a wish for improvements on the keyboard UI.
Check this out:

Let me know if:

  • you can get behind the existing proposal
  • or if we want to combine efforts :wink:
  • or if you would like to continue with yours

Cheers :blush:

I spent a good amount of time trying to make sure double up on threads. I feel there is a discussion here :slight_smile: .

I think the big difference between your and my idea is how we use the +/- Buttons.

  • i would like to see the Shift button definitely to be used for a uppercase/lowercase modifier.
  • small +/- as arrow replacements to move forward/backwards in the text
  • big - as a backspace would make sense to me.

What we haven’t considered using are the screen buttons underneath the screen, maybe those could be useful as well?

What ya think @Aisjam , think we can come to a compromise? :laughing:
Or should we extend my wish to maybe have two different Mapping Options?

Hey @Aisjam , haven’t heard back from you :kissing_heart: , whatcha think about my previous message?

I can see your point there and yeah that’s really the only difference is the + and - use. I like the use of shift for capslock, and there is space for functions using the 8 buttons up the top. My reasoning for the + and - is from lsdj and console inputs with entering text as I do get my thumbs tied on the tracker mini (getting less now).

Do think we should join these threads so not to double up with threads and feel this is a good improvement. My main point is to give the right thumb more to do like Space, Move Forward/ Backwards, Caplock, and some other good naming functions.

Would like more people to chime in with their 2 cents too.

Also sorry for not responding sooner. Life gets busy.

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it’s all good, i’ll just keep poking (out of love of course) :blush:.

I’ll close this wish then in favor of the existing one, but i’ll change the behaviour of the +/- Buttons to what we have discussed.

If anyone else would like to chime in as well, please do so on the existing wish here: