Tracker mini : important durability questions (sticky case ? battery ?)

Loving my Tracker mini, but just wanted to clarify a couple of things about it.

So these questions are for Polyend’s PMs :

1. Is that soft/rubber feeling coating on the mini going to become sticky. Is it based on TPE (thermoplastic elastometer/rubber) ? Do we have any reason to believe this coating will not inevitably become as sticky as some Zoom field recorders, Kaoss Pad minis, Moog Patty plastic cheeks ?

2. Is it easy to replace the battery inside the Tracker (user serviceable or removable) ? Like it is on the OP-Z for example. And is the unit still working if we disconnect and remove the built-in battery ? I heard you can do that on the Roland Aira compacts and they can still be USB-C bus powered.

I believe these questions are important and must be addressed by Polyend, as when people like a device and use it, they tend to want to keep it for several years, even if they buy the new version (like many of the OG tracker users right now).

I also can mention that it’s not a cheap device so durability and repairability is expected as a consequence.

I can’t answer for all of these but i’ve tagged Polyend so hopefully you can get some answers.
I can however give you some info regarding the battery since @Mitch already answered this in another post.

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Thanks ! At least a bit reassured regarding the battery.

Do we know what happens if someone just disconnects it at some point ?

Does the Tracker mini continue to work over USB-C bus power ?

And there is still interrogations regarding the soft plastic coating.

Yes, it should still work over USB-C without the battery operational.

The coating is Silicon, not TPE and chosen because there should never be any stickiness.


nice :sunglasses:

These kinds of coatings have come a long way in the last few years so I’m confident it isn’t going to become a gooey mess like old soft touch products of the past.


@Mitch Many thanks for these replies. I’m so relieved because I think it’s kind of products I will want to keep for ages !

Do you know if we could even totally disconnect the battery like I’ve heard it works with the Aira compacts. Wouldn’t take the risk to open my unit to try.