Tracker Mini - How to save sample/instrument?

Just received my Tracker Mini last week. I’m new to the tracker workflow but really enjoying things so far.

Is there a workflow where I can edit a sample/instrument and then save it to the library as a new sample/instrument without saving it in the project? I am only seeing options for saving a project and I’ve looked through the manual but have not found an answer. I understand that I can render selections of audio, but thats not exactly what I’m looking for.

Example 1:

  • Load snare drum sample
  • Apply distortion
  • Save snare drum sample as a new sample: distorted snare drum

Example 2:

  • Load HipHop1 .pti
  • Apply distortion
  • Save as a new instrument: distorted Hiphop1

Are either of these examples possible?

Hey @t_byrd , currently the instruments are saved within the project - as you have already noticed.

If you want to manage those, you will have to move to a computer with the SD Card and move the resulting .pti files to a centralized location on your card.

Or you could just navigate into those projects and load them from there in the sample loader.

For destructive edits on samples themselfs - you would have to render them to a new .wav so they get stored as a new sample on the card.

So yes - as of OG Tracker Firmware 1.7.1 and Mini Firmware 1.0.0, there is no other way organize instruments / samples.

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Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t realize I could load the instruments/samples from the project folders.
My solution is I’ve created a project called “chops” for my various instrument/sample manipulations that don’t belong in a specific project. I’ll just go into this folder when I need a chopped sample/instrument. This seems like it should work fine for me. Thanks again!